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Structural Steel Canopies Manufactured to EN 1090

Every building is different and for that reason all our steel canopies are custom made.

Working closely with architects we will design to your exact specifications.

All of our units are designed and manufactured at our UK factory from where we have installed in commercial developments throughout the UK and Ireland

We pride ourselves on being able to meet any need no matter the complexity. Although every steel fabrication is ad-hoc, there are three main outdoor canopy styles we produce:

Mono pitch – Built as slightly sloping shelters with parallel guttering channels, mono pitch style are a simple form of weather shelter often used in public exit spaces. The shelter is attached to the building and then supported in place by two steel beams which are then fixed deep in the ground.

Cantilever – Much like mono pitch, cantilever canopies are used as weather shelters but use a fixed cantilever arch to support the sheltering glass panels. By not using fixed ground beams to support the outer side of the shelter, cantilever style units feel roomier, spacious and lighter.

Barrel vault – This type of canopy differs from cantilever and mono pitch models as the roof shelter is curved in a semi-circle shape. This is a way of naturally channelling off rain and the high canopy roof evokes a spacious illusion to those standing underneath..

Canopies designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout the UK & Ireland


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