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Meat Press

The Wrightfield meat press shapes and forms to the customer’s specification their product, whilst being ever conscious of the need to maximise pressing yields

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Breading & Coating

The Combi Coater is a multi purpose coating machine. Wrightfield are the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Symotab

bespoke equipment design from Wrightfield

Dicers & Slicers

Designed to cut and slice a range of products from de-boned meats to mushroom protein. Wrightfield manufacture the dicer slicer for FAM

Poultry processing Equipment Wrightfield

Live Bird Handling

The modular Wrightfield Live Bird Handling System provides animal-welfare friendly conditions for loading and transporting birds. The system meets industry demands for Line speed, Hygiene, Durability and Cleaning

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A well designed deboning and trimming process will enable you to achieve maximum yields whilst running efficiently with little downtime and low operational costs

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Bespoke Equipment & Design

Wrightfield will work alongside your team  to R&D and prototype equipment to problem solve.

Live Bird handling solutions from Wrightfield


Some current methods of stunning chickens using electric waterbath or gas cause HIGH LEVELS OF STRESS and some using carbon dioxide (CO2) could lead to compromises in the sustainability of our ENVIRONMENT

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems Pro Load


The Wrightfield modules are hygienically designed and easy to clean. There are no riveted joints, so fewer dirt traps. Repair costs are reduced by over 50% and they are a simple but highly effective design.

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Pro Load

The Pro-Load live bird handling system is based around a standard galvanised steel transport frame (module) which carries plastic drawers to contain the birds. Modules are manufactured in either 3, 4 or 5 tier variations dependent on birds to be handled.

food conveyors Wrightfield Conveyor Systems Deboning

Deboning Meat

Wrightfield designs and supplies high quality deboning and trimming processes for meat processors across the UK.

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Deboning Poultry

Wrightfield designs and supplies high quality deboning and trimming processes for poultry processors across the UK.

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems Interior

Packing and Trimming

Meatpacking plants still depend on worker skills for cutting, deboning and trimming. Wrightfield packing and trimming lines are designed to maximise productivity and minimise manual handling

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