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Bead Blasting of components and complete fabricated assemblies

Surface finishing is a non-core activity for most firms. Sending your components to Wrightfield frees up capital and floor space, and allows you to focus engineering, management and technical resources on core activities.

Cuts process costs and general factory overheads Outsourcing these processes allows sophisticated treatments to be efficiently deployed even in low and medium volume production environments.

By using our Contract Process Services you will maintain consistent and transparent process costing. This saves the need for your accounting systems to keep track of difficult to monitor hidden costs e.g. compressed air usage, maintenance, waste disposal costs etc

For those after the larger items to be blasted; our bead blasting facility is has a capacity / room size of 8m x 3m x 3.5m high with overhead crane

A Leading UK Based Subcontract Bead Blasting Facility

sub con services from Wrightfield bead blasting

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