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Pro Load – Designed to be the easiest, safest and most reliable poultry transportation and handling method for all slaughter methods.

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Modules – For safe and reliable poultry transportation.

laps Stunning Systems Wrightfield


LAPS – Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning developed and patented in the US by Techno Catch with Wrightfield as the exclusive supplier outside of the Americas.

Live Bird Handling – Pro Load and Modules

The modular Wrightfield Live Bird Handling System provides animal-welfare friendly conditions for loading and transporting birds. The system meets industry demands for:-

  • Line speed
  • Hygiene
  • Durability
  • Cleaning

The Wrightfield Live Bird Handling System is modular and offers solutions for all production capacities and levels of automation.

Live birds are generally transported by truck and carried in either stainless steel containers or crates. Transporting live birds in both containers as well as crates, is subject to strict governmental regulations. The number of birds transported varies according to these regulations, but also depends on climate and size of crate or container. Wrightfield offers efficient systems for module transportation.

With the Wrightfield Pro Load and module system the birds are separated by horizontal divisions only, allowing more air to circulate and reducing stress related damage to the birds.

The demands of production facilities and circumstances vary from plant to plant. Wrightfield manufacture every system to meet these specific requirements.

For more information on the Poultry Processing Expertise Provided by Wrightfield call our Engineering Team on 01379 872800

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