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Conveyor systems designed specifically for meat trimming and packing lines

Traditional Trimming & Packing

Traditional trimming of meat where bones are conveyed out to containers, and trimmings are placed in trays, as well as products in trays or on conveyors.

The benefits of using traditional trimming:

  • Controlled cuts of different muscles by skilled workers
  • High capacity and suitable for all conditions
  • Improved ergonomic working conditions
  • Full traceability to the batch
  • Hygienic design

Wrightfield offers customised solutions for traditional trimming of meat quarters. Conveyors for bones going directly into containers which are placed in an ergonomic position for the butcher.

Wrightfield design, manufacture and install conveyors for both empty trays and full trays for trimmings. The trimmed products can either be transported to packing or for further processing on conveyors or in trays.

Wrightfield offers different conveyor systems designed especially for each type of deboning. The systems are supplied with full integration of both the production and management systems.

Meat Deboning designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout The UK & Ireland

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