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Wrightfield Conveyor Systems, Conveyor Line Layout, Design, Manufacture & Installation, Food Processing Equipment, Conveyor Systems Servicing & Spares


Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility is the centre for our in house design, project planning and manufacturing activities. Our design team use the latest 3d modelling software to create equipment conveyor system designs and our UK manufacturing facility boasts some of the highest specification machinery available. Conveyor Systems Ely designed and manufactured by Wrightfield.

Combining this with our wealth of experience in the food industry, ensures our clients receive the highest levels of service and quality at all stages from design, installation and commissioning throughout the UK & Ireland.

Wrightfield Specialist Engineers

Wrightfield are a specialist engineering company with over thirty years experience within the food manufacturing and processing industry. Our primary focus and expertise is in the design, manufacture and installation of food conveyor systems and solutions.

Conveyor Layout & Design

Our design team use the latest 3d modelling software to create system designs, including structural calculations where required and our manufacturing facility boasts some of the highest specification machinery available in the UK. As conveyor manufacturers, our capabilities are extensive.

Looking for Conveyors, Conveyor Systems or Conveyor Spares in Ely

Conveyor Systems Ely – Reasons for Choosing Wrightfield

  • Our in house design time time and experienced engineers have designed and manufactured bespoke conveyors for the food industry applications for over twenty years
  • Wrightfield design and manufacture conveyors and conveyor systems for the food sector. Units include
  • Stainless Steel Conveyors – We often get asked what are the best food processing conveyors for handling raw and packed products? The answer is completely dependent on the food  products you are looking to move. Is the food directly in contact with the belts or is it in packs.
  • Whatever format the food you want to convey is in Wrightfield supply one off stainless steel conveyors through to multifunctional automated food conveyor systems. Additionally we integrate our systems with bulk weighing equipment, breading and coating depositors, detectors etc to offer a complete line solution.
  • You can see out products in action by clicking here. Why not give us a call on 0379 872800 to discuss your conveyor requirements.

Conveyor System Performance

There are several ways to improve conveyor system performance, including:

  1. Regular maintenance: Regularly scheduled maintenance can help prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of the conveyor.
  2. Upgrading components: Upgrading worn or outdated components can improve the conveyor’s performance and efficiency.
  3. Optimising conveyor design: Optimising the conveyor’s design can improve its performance, such as using a conveyor with a larger diameter pulley for increased belt tension.
  4. Implementing sensors and controls: Installing sensors and controls can help monitor and adjust the conveyor’s performance in real-time, such as adjusting the speed based on the weight of the material being conveyed.
  5. Training employees: Properly training employees on the use and maintenance of the conveyor can help prevent mistakes and improve performance.
  6. Utilising conveyor software: Using software to track and analyse conveyor performance data can help identify areas for improvement and optimise conveyor usage.
  7. Improving power efficiency: Reviewing the power usage of the conveyor and implementing energy-efficient motors or drive systems can help reduce energy costs and improve performance.
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