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A stainless conveyor can offer a number of benefits to any company that operates in the food processing industry. We discuss a few of the potential merits of a stainless conveyor in this post.


Hygiene is of the utmost importance in the food processing industry. For this reason, companies often keep rigorous cleaning schedules. This is a factor that can take its toll on machinery; furthermore, it can be an expensive and time consuming activity for a company.

A stainless steel conveyor can not only stand up to such rigours but can also help to simplify the act of maintaining high levels of hygiene. The material has a naturally hygienic composition, having, as it does, a flat, solid, non porous surface. This helps to minimise the absorption of bacteria from food products during processing.


Stainless steel is an extremely durable material, offers both strength and flexibility. The metal is also very capable of withstanding changes from high to low temperatures. This is a quality that can be extremely useful during certain phases of a production line, such as the transition from a freezing stage to a food handling stage.

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Unplanned down time in a fast paced industry like food processing can have serious consequences. It is factor that, at once, can cause unexpected delays, adverse affect efficiency and, in some cases, jeopardise the quality of a food product. All of these issues have the potential to impede a company’s profitability, as well as undermining their confidence in their mechanical equipment. If maintained correctly, a stainless conveyor can offer a reliable solution to these issues, helping to maintain productivity and restoring the confidence of a company.

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