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Intralox offers hundreds of belt series-and-style combinations across more than 40 belt types

Modular Plastic Belting, Thermodrive Belting and ARB Equipment

As a leading producer of modular plastic conveyor belting, Intralox provide high-quality, specialized solutions for virtually every type of conveyor. Intralox belts set the standard for performance and reliability across a wide variety of applications and industries.

Modular plastic conveyor belts offer many advantages over metal, fabric, or rubber belts, including:

  • Longer belt life with less belt wear
  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduced risk of product loss or contamination
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Zero need for lubrication or tensioning

From gearmotors to electronics, automation made simple

Every application requires an innovative, efficient, powerful and reliable drive system. SEW offer the perfect solution for your industry

When the name SEW-EURODRIVE is mentioned, one of the first things people are quick to mention is “electric motors”. That is right, as electric motors formed the beginnings of our company. In the meantime, however, the SEW-EURODRIVE name stands for much more, and our range of products and services has grown significantly.

Gearmotors, gear units, motors, components for decentralized installation, electronically controlled drives, mechanical variable-speed gearmotors, as well as drive solutions that involve a lot of engineering. Of course, we shouldn’t forget supplementary services and service offerings.

When you need custom made conveyor system parts

Custom made conveyor system parts manufactured accurately in our UK factory

Conveyor Belt Parts – Custom Made Components

The fact that we own our own factory is an important factor in facilitating us to provide the efficient service we do. With no middle man to deal we are able to work directly with clients enabling us to save both time and effort.

Moreover, we are in a position to fully understand the requirements of a client. Finally, with our own manufacturing facility, we are able to realise a client’s objectives and to provide them with custom made conveyor belt parts if required.

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