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Mezzanine floor design at Wrightfield is individually tailored to the requirements of customers. This is a factor that ensures that we are able to provide our customers with the exact flooring solution that they need, in the exact position in which they need it. We discuss further in the following post.

Individual Design

The tailored mezzanine floor design that we offer means that our flooring solutions can fit into any given area of space or weaved around any given object, such as large mechanical items. The flooring can also allow access to any height for any operation.

Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor creates an extra level in a building. This can be particularly useful for any company that is located in a warehouse, buildings in which space usage is often sub optimal.

The extra level created by mezzanine flooring helps to create additional space in a building, which may be used in any number of different ways.

en1090 steelwork

The space can be used to incorporate an office into the factory warehouse.

It may also be used to increase storage capabilities. This may be required after a company experiences a rapid period of growth

The extra level of flooring can also be used to free up floor space to accommodate new machinery.

A further benefit of mezzanine flooring is that the structures are de-mountable. This is a significant factor that means that no planning permission is required to install mezzanine flooring. This can help to make the installation process of mezzanines very time efficient.

Mezzanine Floor Design – Find Out More

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