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When specifying a stainless steel staircase, some important factors to consider include:

  1. Type of stainless steel: Different types of stainless steel have different properties and are suitable for different environments. For example, type 316 stainless steel is more corrosion-resistant than type 304 and is commonly used in marine and coastal environments.
  2. Finishing: Stainless steel can be finished in a variety of ways, such as polished, brushed, or matte. The type of finishing can affect the overall aesthetic of the staircase and the level of maintenance required.
  3. Load capacity: Stainless steel staircases must be able to support the weight of the people using them. Make sure to specify a grade of stainless steel that can handle the expected load and consult with a structural engineer to ensure the staircase is designed to meet the appropriate safety standards.
  4. Code compliance: Stainless steel staircases must comply with local building codes and regulations. Make sure to consult with local authorities and obtain the necessary permits before installation.
  5. Installation: Stainless steel staircases are typically custom-made and require professional installation. Ensure that the manufacturer or installer you choose has experience working with stainless steel and has the necessary equipment and expertise to properly install the staircase

A stainless steel staircase is something that be a vital necessity for many organisations. The versatile equipment helps to provide access from one floor to another, whether inside or out. At Wrightfield we offer a comprehensive range of such products – read on for more information.

Stainless Steel Steps & Handrails Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

Indoors or Out

Stainless steel is a very versatile and hardy material. Therefore, stainless steel staircases can be used indoors – for instance providing easy access to a mezzanine floor or platform within a warehouse – as well as outside – such as an external fire escape – where the material is able to withstand the elements thanks to its excellent resistance qualities.

Function and Form

Function is obviously a key priority when it comes to any industrial solution. However, as a design specialist, we also understand the importance of aesthetics. This ensures that all of our products provide the best of both worlds, this goes for staircase that forms the centrepiece of a stylish office and an external fire escape of a industrial estate warehouse.

We offer bespoke design options and a comprehensive range of finishes, ensuring that all clients are able to find a products that matches their requirements.

Wrightfield – More Information

We are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel products, this includes stainless steel staircases.

We carry out all processes pertaining to a project in house, an extremely significant factor. This maximises interdepartmental communication and collaboration, ensuring that the central concept is maintained throughout a project, it also helps to ensure high levels of efficiency – a factor that allows us to achieve fast turnaround times.

Stainless Steel Staircase – Find Out More

Click on the following link if you would like to find out more information about stainless steel staircase, or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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