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Food Conveyors

Our stainless steel belt and Roller Conveyors are used by many companies in the food processing and packaging industries.

We design & build to order food conveyors for all sectors of the food industry. Our conveyor systems are fabricated in Stainless Steel with approved hygiene belting. Our food conveyors are extremely hygienic and will be designed and manufactured to comply with the sanitation specifications you are working to. Whatever your needs we will have a variety of quality food grade belting to meet your individual needs.

We appreciate the complexity of hygiene sanitation in the food processing industry and have significant knowledge and experience in the Meat, Poultry, Ready Meal, Poultry, Fruit and Vegetable, Dairy, Bakery, Frozen Goods, Seafoods, Snacks and pre packed industry.

Stainless Food Approved Grade Systems

Food factories require a sterile environment to maintain a bacteria free zone. To achieve this the working environment often has to be sprayed down aggressively at the end of the day / shift. Therefore the stainless steel food conveyor needs to be able to withstand this harsh cleaning practice. If you are looking to find the most effective food grade conveyor belting solutions for your products at an affordable price at a quality standard that will meet your production requirements then call Wrightfield on 01379 872800.

Confectionery line conveyors for “sticky” products

We often incorporate or conveyor system equipment into clients existing or new machinery. Our systems have been developed to handle Doughnuts, Pastries, Biscuits, Fruit Snacks, Sweets, Cake, and other confectionery food products. We use a huge range of belts including Intralox Thermodrive and patterned surfaces with adhesive coatings that provide excellent release properties perfect for sticky goods such as candy, toffee & chewing gum.

Other belts have super thermal conductivity characteristics allowing hot products like chocolate and toffee to cool much quicker.

Food conveyors activated-roller-belt-arb-intralox Flush Grid_202119a Intralox Activated Roller Belts

Food conveyors designed and manufactured in Britain, installed throughout Europe

Portable Options

Wrightfield food handling conveyors can be made mobile by adding castors to the leg assembly. Depending upoon the weight being carried will impact on the castor size. Castors can be supplied in  swivel or fixed format with brake options available to ensure that the food conveyor stays fixed in position.

Internal jet spray system and belt scrapers available

Wrightfield offer self cleaning belts with the option of an internal spray system of a belt scraper. All of our systems are designed with your products in mind and bespoke to your specification. Our engineering design team can assist you with merging, combiners, grouping, spraying, transfers, cooling and heating with elevating options available

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