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Choosing the right conveyor suppliers for your specific requirements can be a challenging task. There are various companies available to you and it can be tough narrowing down your search to just one supplier. To help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing conveyor suppliers, in this post we take a look at some of the conveyance solutions that we provide, and discuss their potential applications.


As conveyor suppliers, we design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of conveyors that use a variety of belt types. These belts include the modular belt, the PU belt and the slat belt.

Modular Belt – the modular belt is a low maintenance conveyance solution made from FDA approved materials. With a hygienic design and the ability to convey products through inclined, horizontal, helical, 90 and 180 degree paths, the belt makes a versatile and reliable solution.

PU Belt – made from polyurethane, this robust belt is easily able to withstand the rigours of the often harsh food processing industry, which include leaks and corrosive cleaning products.

Slat – the slat belt is a flexible belt that makes long winding roots feasible. This belt is ideal for facilities in which floor space is restricted, in addition to great flexibility, the belt can be used for overhead conveyance.


Transfer Conveyor – the Wirghtfield transfer conveyor is designed for the transference of products and materials to other belt systems.

Elevators and De-Elevators

Spiral Conveyor – this spiral conveyor is a machine that is able to both elevate and lower products from conveyors operating at different heights in a facility.

Elevator – the elevator conveyor is a practical and affordable solution to the age old problem of transferring products from one level to another.

All Wrightfield conveyors, transferers and elevators are available tailored to the exact requirements of the customer.

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems Mild Steel

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