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When it comes to conveyor manufactures, we like to think that Wrightfield is up there with the best of them. In this post we take a look at a few of the things that we believe could help us to help you.

Better By Design Philosophy

We believe completely in our “Better by design” philosophy. It is a factor that means, as conveyor manufacturers, we are always on the look out for ways to innovate and improve our conveyance solutions.

To do this we not only welcome feedback from customers but we encourage it. To us, customer feedback represents invaluable data that can provide us with vital insights into how to develop and improve our systems. The end goal of our philosophy is to create the most efficient solutions for our clients, enabling them to increase productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

High Spec Tech

We plan, design and manufacture our conveyors at our own 26,000 sq. ft. facility in Suffolk. Here, we house some of the highest specification machinery available on these shores. Furthermore, our in house conveyance solutions design team has access cutting edge 3d modelling software. This extremely high specification technology, combined with the wealth of knowledge we have at our disposal, helps to ensure that our clients receive the highest levels of customer service and product quality at all times.

3.5 m diameter Extraction and vent Stack fabricated in mild steel by Wrightfield

Full Range of Belts and Conveyors

At Wrightfield, we offer a complete range of belts and conveyance solutions. This includes the modular belt, the PU belt and the spiral conveyance system. We also provide elevator and transfer conveyors. Whether you need a sturdy belt that can stand up to the rigours of the food processing industry, a conveyor that can operate in small spaces or one that can deliver your products and materials from one level to another, we should have it covered.

Find Out More About Conveyor Manufacturers

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