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Created on the back of an enormous wealth of knowledge and exhaustive empirical testing, the Wrightfield Meat Press is processing equipment for meat that offers great productivity and efficiency.

Processing Equipment By Design

We think that equipment is always better by design and, as such, we welcome and encourage feed-back from our customers. We believe that this helps us to continually create innovate solutions and to constantly improve our equipment. The end result is that we are able to deliver processing equipment with individual components that have been honed specifically for the function that they carry out.

Understanding the Unique Needs of Different Meat

As experts in the field of meat and poultry processing equipment, we understand that there are issues and problems that can be unique to the processing of certain types of meat. In the case of bacon, temperature changes along the processing chain can cause product break-up.

To combat this issue, the Wrightfield Meat Press is equipped with a special control mechanism, a function for which we have patent application pending. This system ensures that temperature fluctuations during processing are managed, helping us to bring home the bacon in one piece.

Low Carbon Meat & Poultry Processing Equipment

As with all of our equipment, we had an eye on the environment when designing the Wrightfield Meat Press. This machine claims the lowest carbon footprint of any bacon press of similar performance. This feat is achieved through an efficient 7.5kW hydraulic power pack, coupled with an integrated low energy immersion heater and integral oil radiator. All of which combine to ensure that optimum levels of oil viscosity are maintained.

Total Food Processing Solutions from Wrightfield

In addition to bacon pressing, Wrightfield provides a range of other meat and poultry processing equipment as well as bakery and fruit & veg equipment.

Meat Processing Machines

Designing meat processing machines calls for engineering skills, food experience and an ability to manufacture meat processing equipment that can fulfill the following criteria

  • High safety capability  for operators,
  • Constant, consistent and lasting functionality,
  • Maximum hygiene capabilities ( which should encompass easy cleaning)
  • High level of after sales support and spare parts guaranteed over time providing users with the confidence to put the equipment in the production environment

The range of products designed and manufactured by Wrightfield reflects the high levels of reliability Wrightfield can offer, following 25 years of Made in Britain excellence. Wrightfield excels in the construction of meat processing equipment for the food sector – all in compliance with EC hygiene and safety standards.

Click on the following link to find out more about Meat Processing Equipment or this link for information on other stainless steel equipment manufactured by Wrightfield.

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