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Meat Processing Equipment Developed through accumulated knowledge

The Wrightfield Meat Press is the result of accumulative knowledge and hands-on experience gained over many years from within the bacon industry. Further to this, we continuously tap into the enormous wealth of knowledge that exists out there in the bacon processing plants today and to that end we welcome and encourage feed-back from our customers.

Shapes to customers specification

Our objective is to shape and form to the customer’s specification their product, whilst being ever conscious of the need to maximise pressing yields. We are further aware that for good slicing yields it is imperative that the bacon’s structural integrity is maintained during the pressing process as product break-up can occur (very cold bacon) but only becomes apparent during the slicing process, and where temperature rise has taken place there can be serious squeeze-out. The Wrightfield Meat Press has a unique additional control mechanism (patent applied for) to cater for any of the above fluctuations in product temperature.

Lowest carbon footprint

We can claim the lowest carbon foot print comparable to any other press of similar performance and throughput capacity, with a low 7.5kW hydraulic power pack. Cooling by integral oil radiator, coupled with a low energy immersion heater, ensures optimum oil viscosity is maintained.

Meat Processing Equipment Wrightfield

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